Marilo Collins of Collins Interiors

Today we showcase our QIDA member Marilo Collins of Collins Interior Design.  Collins Interiors mission is to make a house into a home, where you feel safe, an environment in which you can be utterly yourself, it is, most certainly, more than just a space to rest one’s head. A home is a manifestation of your life, whoever you are and whatever that means to you. Marilo really knows how to make the very best of every home she works on, keeping your own personality, it should flow, be beautiful, and a true reflection of you and your family.  We ask Marilo for some insights into her life as a designer.


My passion for design and decorating has always been inside of me. My parents immigrated from Spain, when they first got married, we would travel back to Spain at months at time, to visit family. I remember visiting my very stylish Aunty who had a gorgeous home, she decorated it herself, and I just loved how the home felt warm and inviting, with beautiful drapes and cushions.  When I married and had my own children, I couldn’t wait to take them to Spain and visit my family but also to travel and see the world. We have travelled through Europe, America and Asia. There is something about travelling and experiencing different cultures, its like stepping into a whole new world, different languages, smells, colours, sights, sounds and people. It is so inspiring, I always come back with a fresh look at life and design.

My clients aging parents were moving into their home, so we converted there formal lounge room into their bedroom and retreat.  They requested the room to be warm, luxurious and a comfortable space. We only had a month to do this.  I like to work closely with my clients, to achieve their goals. These particular client were really special, they wanted to make their parents feel invited and wanted in their home. The overall process was enjoyable and rewarding for my clients, her parents and especially myself.

I wouldn’t consider this the most challenging, but my clients wanted a bathroom that complimented her style and the house, a Queenslander. They did not want to spend their days keeping it clean!  So I introduced her to a product that is applied to glass and ceramic surfaces and provides an anti-stick surface repelling everything, including water, soap scum, dirt and grease. Cuts cleaning time by up to 90%, the shower screen will stay clear and bright, and never need to be replaced. I recommend this application to be applied to all my clients new bathroom renovations.

Engaging a design professional to work on your home can be a great investment. Whether you know what you want but don’t know how to execute it, or how to get it, or you simply don’t have the time. A professional interior designer or decorator can help channel your ideas and turn them into something beautiful. They can lend their experience and their creativity to your home, creating a restful and welcoming retreat that is unique to you and your loved ones.

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