QIDA PRODUCT NIGHT – Abey & Zip – 14 May 2019

One of the wonderful things Designers and Decorators are able to enjoy is the exposure to cutting edge, quality design and Tuesday night with ZIP and Abey Australia did not disappoint.  Abey and ZIP delivered information on everything from stunning tapware through to custom fully integrated stainless steel kitchen work tops.  The products are not only beautiful but also hold the reputation that is warranted due to the level of quality and functionality that is demanded in today’s market.  Both companies have a long standing history in the Australian market with ZIP dating back to 1947 and Abey having seen over 60 years in Australia with a combination of Australian and Italian brands on offer.

We were also treated to a Q&A with Tony of Abey Australia and the award winning Darren James of Darren James Interiors as seen above.  Kerri from Abey Australia offered up a number of valuable questions to the panel generating conversation and information gathering among members.  The night allowed for a discovery of current and upcoming products plus technical aspects of product offerings and their install.  Designers and decorators were able to converse with presenters on overcoming issues at a work site level and the current challenges decorators and designers are presented within our industry.  It is through events like these that our members are able to be further educated and connected with brands ensuring correct specification for clients.  See below for some highlights.  Photos are all taken by the renowned QIDA Associate John Downs Photography.

Robert from ZIP discussing not only the wonderful functionality of the ZIP design but also the technical aspects that make it robust. He also provided us with important technical points to consider from a design standpoint.
Renee walking us through the collection on offer from Abey Australia.
Tony from Abey Australia discussing the large range of quality products on offer.

The QIDA group enjoying the extroadinary hospitality of the Abey Australia Team.

Kristy has stepped down from her volunteer position of Events Coordinator after 4 years. Her contribution has been invaluable and she will be greatly missed on the committee. Thank you xo