You probably don’t need a designer to tell you that certain spaces evoke a particular mood in you.  However one designer has centered her business around helping people create the mood they desire.  Meet QIDA member, Anastasia of Mood Design.

“I’ve always been a homebody at heart… “

I’ve always been a homebody at heart who loves to spend time at home and it’s important that my home makes me feel good and brings out the best version of me.  From a young age, I was raised to take pride in the home and always ensure it was presented well.  I learned everything from renovating, design, house keeping and decorating from my parents.  The rest was my own flair which I think came from a combination of their influences.

I recently completed my favourite project to date.  Firstly, the clients chose me because they loved my style and wanted me to recreate it for their new home so understanding and interpreting my clients needs came naturally.  Secondly, they trusted that I would deliver based on what they’d seen and read about me.  Like any relationship, this increased and toward the end, we have formed a really nice friendship.  I genuinely care and want to exceed the expectations for each and every one of my clients and I think (hope!) this comes through.  Last but not least they were a delight to work with!  We had heaps of fun along the way, our communication was great and this makes a huge difference.   


One of my most most rewarding yet challenging projects was furnishing a recently renovated home.  One of the biggest challenges was communication.  Sometimes email does the job, but other times you need a phone call or to meet in person to make sure you’re all on the same page.  Another hurdle was that some of the furniture (ordered and paid for) did not fit through the external doors and there was no way to get it inside the house, so we had to organise to sell it privately because the supplier did not offer refunds – definitely a big lesson learned in measuring EVERYTHING twice!  After all was said and done, this project won me my first award, so all was not lost.  They were lessons learned and we worked through them.
Just like any relationship, find someone you connect with who ‘gets you’.  Someone you can laugh with, have a few things in common with and feel that you can trust – go with your instinct.  In terms of style and design, I believe a ‘good’  designer should be able to produce any design once they truly understand their client.  Ultimately, a successful designer/client relationship should have both of these elements – strong relationship and a mutual design flair.