5 Reasons To Invest In A Design Professional

You’ve finally hit that point where you just can’t wait to update your home. You’ve spent hours pouring through Pinterest images trying to decide what would be best and now you’re ready to tear down a wall and throw away the old sofa.  But have you considered the benefits that a design professional can offer?

A beautiful balance of colour by Interior Design Firm Woodley Interiors

As designers it is not uncommon for us to see renovations that are completed without the guidance of a design professional. There are the people who complete their renovations and decorating without major issues and then there are those who need a complete restart.

Renovation errors can be costly and certainly remove the joy of your renovation.  As interior designers and decorators we see everything from materials not fit for purpose through to a complete lack of consideration for how a space will be functional.  Aside from the potential pitfalls a design professional will help you dodge there is also the positive aspects they will bring.  So before you start your home update let’s explore a few.




A beautiful home feels effortless however experience tells us it is not. Have you ever walked through a home filled with beautiful items and yet not feeling beautiful all the same. This is often the result of a lack of cohesion, design direction or balance.  Interior Designers and decorators are skilled in identifying styles and creating plans to ensure they are executed as envisaged. Through careful early planning with a design professional you are more likely to have a home that feels and looks good from the front door to the back.  They will take time to consider everything from your personal style through to the architecture of your home and then they will marry them together in a seemingly effortless way.

Marilo Collins of Collins Interiors knows how to create a restful retreat.
Kahli Jayne knows how to create a beautiful flatlay, often the foundation of a beautiful design.

Additionally they have an eye for what most never imagined.  They see spaces in a unique way offering you advantages in your redesign.  Where you see an old unused courtyard they may see a butlers pantry.  Where you see a dusty space under the stairs they may see a secret children’s wonderland.  And of course they will help you understand spatial arrangements for furniture, appropriate heights for cabinetry, lighting solutions or the most functional footprint for your kitchen.

Understanding materials will be a key issue that your interior designer will be able to assist you with. From an understanding of how different flooring materials will perform to what window dressings are available they will be able to assist you.  And because designers are always in the game they know what’s available to you. They will open your world to suppliers you never knew existed.

Huma Javed Interiors have created a suave, elegant dining room.

If you’re a time poor person a design professional is a must.  We can assure you that redesigning your home (even if it’s just the furnishings) is a time consuming exercise even when you’re familiar with the current market.  Consider that if you are already busy with work, your family and hopefully some “me time”, where will the time come from to redesign your home?

Creating the home that is responsible for nurturing you is not a job to be rushed so employ the help you deserve.  If you need the assistance of a Design Professional get in touch with one of our members.






Author: Bec Farrow – Elska Interiors