A Christmas Table Designed To Delight

Minthouse Brisbane has created a beautiful Christmas Table, perfect for long conversations and new memories.

Christmas is almost here and so it is time to gather your friends and family, to connect, find joy and create new hopes for the future.  This is the time of year we love to create some extra special memories and so some of our design members have chipped in with some ideas for your Christmas Table this year.

Set The Scene

Captivate your guests with a beautiful table ready for a feast.  Collect your plates, matching or not, and layer them up with linen.  Vary the height of your tablescape using candles set up high, cake stands filled with fruit or decorations hung from the ceiling.  Just make sure you maintain visibility across the table for good converstaions. 

Serve your meat selection on a bed of greenery with sliced fruit such as thyme and orange for a fresh, decadent look.   Candles or jars filled with twinkle lights mixed with vases of greenery will delight guests while joyful notes clipped to tiny rosemary wreaths or written on a gum leaf lift spirits.                                                                                               

 Light It Up

A Christmas table is not complete without some form of decorative light.   Favourite options here include jars filled with copper twinkle lights, real or artificial candles and floral table centerpieces with twinkle lights wound through (you can hide the battery pack under the centerpiece 😉).⁠

Minthouse Brisbane shows how the simplest touch can make it feel special.

Take It Outside

There’s no reason your feast should be held indoors so set a table outside and enjoy our beautiful Australian landscape.  Whether it’s a long table under a Moreton Bay Fig or a rotunda by the ocean apply the same table decorating strategies but take cues from the landscape around you.  Botanical prints and hues inspired by your region are wonderful.  Use shells as place holders or rosemary to hold napkins.  Get creative!  If you’re stuck on some ready made shade, pick up a gazebo from your local camping store and wrap the poles in sheer curtains (go low cost curtains like IKEA here but reuse them).  Add some festoon or fairy lights and you have something very pretty.  Hot tip, if you are wrapping poles with fairy lights, use greenery to hide ties and run the fairy lights in the curtains for some extra festive magic.

 Add A Special Touch

It’s Christmas so remind your guests of how much they mean to you by adding something extra special to each of their places, like an ornament to take home, hand pressed clay stars or a home made biscuit.  If you’re by the ocean use something like a starfish or gumnut ornaments in the country.  Scatter decorations on the table as well.  Not too much – we need room for our wine and champagne after all.  A few baubles or some small timber Christmas trees to add that little seasonal touch.

We hope you found this one inspiring. We’d love to know what you’re doing this year so tag us in when you’re ready xo.⁠


Author- Bec Farrow, Elska Interiors

Styling- Megan Buerckner, Minthouse Brisbane