i for Design and Style

i for Design & Style is a small interior design studio servicing the north side of Brisbane and beyond. Sue Innes, the principal of this practice has 20+ years experience in the industry and her primary focus is on creating functional and beautiful residential interiors for both new builds, and renovations.

Sue’s expertise focuses on the ‘hardscape’ of an interior. Hardscape refers to everything on the inside of the building that’s ‘nailed down’. This covers space planning (how your rooms and interior spaces relate to each other, and how they are likely to be furnished & lived in), coordination of electrical and lighting, kitchen and bathroom design (including cabinetry), colours & finishes selection, and also final documentation of plans for construction.

If having a considered interior is a priority for your build or renovation, Sue from i for Design & Style is an experienced designer who can assist you with making your dream home become a reality.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Built Environment (Interior Design)