Shabby Shac

Getting to know you and what sets your soul on fire is one of my favourite parts of being a Designer. What makes you uniquely you? Are you creative … a romantic … a musician … a sportsman … a wanderer? What makes you smile? Laugh? Drives you wild? Take me on a tour of your Home and introduce me to the pieces that have your heart. The pieces that take you back to a fabulous time or place, a wonderful memory or keepsake. These are the pieces we need to build your home around for first and foremost, your space should reflect you. This is where your heart beats. And should your story come with a restrained budget and quirky details, then all the better. The tightest budgets and most imaginative spirits create the most innovative spaces.

A Designer’s life is happily never a dull one with a broad canvas on which to paint. Whenever possible I enjoy stretching my wings and embracing a challenge, whether it be Set, Window or Exhibit Design. Anything that has me focusing on the details, be them big or small, makes my heart sing. As long as I am behind the scenes and most definitely not in front of the camera or on the stage, I’m a happy girl. Be bold and drop me a line if you would like to discuss your project.

The Design of a space to live or photograph, is not where my role begins or ends. Often your Home is not forever, but for a time. The preparation and farewell of memories can therefore be a difficult, and infinitely important time. When feeling a little overwhelmed by the herculean task ahead, it is often helpful to have a professional hand to hold while the de-clutter and preparation for sale gets underway. Marketing campaigns, agency formalities and open homes are often another cause of angst that can happily be overcome with a little straight talking and lack of emotional attachment. Removing the stress and distraction of these elements ensures your focus can remain on your family and on maximising the financial potential of your property. Finally, a little innovation and creative thinking is all that is required to present fresh, inviting spaces that tell a story and don’t blow the budget.

Having a professional on your team can save you time, money and worry, in fact, engaging the assistance and advice of a Designer should save you money, regardless of your budget.

D E S I G N I N G  your home to live  …  S T Y L I N G  you space to shoot  …  S T A G I N G  your home for sale

Qualifications: Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration

QIDA, The Colour Society of Australia
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Springwood Tower – 9 Murrajong Road , Springwood, QLD 4127